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Learning Services

Effective learning can be attained using learning by doing

Cognition also consists of resource and development wing where important and new technique are discussed. This helps to give a new idea which can be implemented in upcoming journals. The products prepared here will contain latest trends so that it will reach even the common people in a short period of time.

The products made here are cost-effective and the cost quoted for the vendors is reasonable and an affordable one. The employees are made to work in a peaceful environment so that they can obtain new ideas and techniques. We also follow smulation methods which helps to reduce the errors and increase the accuracy of learning process.

Mobile Learning Services

Making everyone to understand the concept

Today mobile learning have reached the peak since many users started to read the content using mobile. So the content prepared should be both mobile and PC compatible. Cognition makes the work of mobile compatible very easy. The content prepared by Cognition can be read in all the devices like iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony eReader, and a lot more.

It enables learners to attend lectures, ask questions, and take assessments from anywhere.Our team of Instructional Designers, Graphic Developers, and Media Programmers deliver high-quality, cost-effective, rich graphic products. The real challenge is to develop the data and images using multimedia as mobile compatible. This difficult task is done by our skillful developers and designers.

Graphic Design & Animation

Picture will deliver more than words

It is very important to provide attractive images in the journals. This is because, an image will explain more than the words. Such a challenging task is done by our skillful designers. Our designers are more creative so that they deliver the information in the form of image.

At Cognition, we develop creative, rich, and vibrant. Our skillful Graphic Designers create world-class graphics for a highly competitive price. The only work for the vendos is to give their basic requirements. The remaining work of design and perfection will be carried out by our designers. We also create User Interface (UI), screen layout designs, and 2D and 3D animation for you.

Audio & Video - Post Production

If picture delivers 100 words, a video delivers 1000 words

Cognition offers a high range and quality of videos related to the content and requirement. Those videos are of high quality and contains more information related to the journal. It also includes awareness, cartoon and architectural videos. We also have a vast repository of music libraries, which can be reused and distributed.

Apps Development Services

High quality media content expertise a wide range of sensitive generation

The popularity of iPhone and iPad, along with the growing interest in android devices, has spurred the mainstream development of apps.Some of the developed and popular apps are

  • Medical Demos
  • Educational games
  • Interative eBooks
  • Interactive assessments