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CMS(Content Management System)

A content management system is essentially the best way to develop a website laden with content. From content authoring to content management, everything becomes easy with the right content management solution.

COGNITION content management systems allow you to easily update your website without the need for any technical knowledge, from any computer with internet access and without installing any software.

The content of your website is what draws traffic and so it is vital to ensure that it offers fresh and relevant content. This makes it important for your website to have a content management system or CMS that makes it easy for you to edit, add and remove content. Often more than one person adds and edits a website's content and this increases the need for CMS development so you can keep a track of changes made to the content even if you don't share the same work space.

    Cloudlogic Technologies CMS Services Includes:

  • WordPress
  • WordPress is an open source content management system highly preferred amongst developers & webmasters. Templates are provided free that consists of plug-ins that assist you in performing tasks which is SEO friendly. Our wordpress developers can work on any design, customization or development requirements with advanced features using template designs & themes.

  • ¬†Drupal
  • Drupal is an open-source content management framework that is mainly used in back-end frameworks for websites globally. It is a secure content management framework whch can also be used as an Enterprise Content Management Solution and allows building scalable websites with ease. Drupal's framework has powered various solutions ranging from simple blogs to huge portals.

  • ¬†Joomla
  • Joomla as well as most website development CMS is a open source platform. Joomla is PHP-based and uses MySQL database to store content. With the help of Joomla you or your web developers will be able to make your preferred website development project whether it will be for: